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How to install CentralCP

--------- We offer free installation of CentralCP. Just open a ticket with login details. ----------

System Requirements -

CentralCP needs to be installed on a domain name, subdomain name or a directory on a domain name. It cannot be installed on a localhost.
Your CentralCP installations needs to be able to connect to - http://service.centralcp.com for licensing purposes.
PHP 5.2+ (Recommended PHP 5.3+ )
MySQL 5+
Cron Jobs - For fetching data from servers.
Mod_rewrite support
Ioncube Loaders
PHP XML (php-xml / libxml)
PHP ZIP -  (required since v1.1.0 for 1-click update)

Download -

Your download will be a file called centralcp.zip

It will include 1 folder and 1 file -

a. centralcp  - consisting of all files to be uploaded to your public_html
b. centralcp.sql - schema dump of CentralCP database.

Installation steps -

1. Upload all files within centralcp folder (including the .htaccess within centralcp) to your public_html or any folder within it.
2. Create a database, database user and password and assign all permissions to it.
3. Import centralcp.sql to the newly created database (use a tool like PhpMyAdmin)
4. Open app/Config/database.php and enter the database login details.
5. Visit your installation in a browser - e.g. http://yourdomain.com/centralcp/
6. You will be redirected to http://yourdomain.com/centralcp/setups/install .   - Troubleshoot this step
7. In the first step, it will check versions and database connectivity.
8. In 2nd step, enter License key and path to installation.  (You can get the License key in My Services section in the CentralCP Portal - http://service.centralcp.com/ )
9. Now login to CentralCP with the login details on your screen.
10. Change your admin password by going to My Account.
11. Delete Setups folder from app/Views and SetupsController from app/Controller
12. Add your countries, cities, datacenters and servers.
13. Setup the cron job to run once a day or any frequency depending on your requirements.
php /home/username/public_html/app/webroot/cron.php /crons/centralcp
14. Ideally run the cron job after adding all your servers so that you can get some work going. (It may take about 1-2 minutes per server for the cron job)

If you need any help, open a support ticket in our portal - http://service.centralcp.com/ . We can even install it for you.

We recommend white-listing the CentralCP installation IP in the firewall on each of your cPanel server after following above installation steps.

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